Why Students Need a Title IX Lawyer

A Title IX Lawyer can help students defend themselves when they are falsely accused of sex-related crimes by the school where they attend. Title IX law requires that all schools receiving federal financial aid (public and privately funded colleges, occupational and vocational programs, high schools and middle schools, elementary and secondary schools) investigate any allegations of sexual assault or harassment.

Regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, the accused student must undergo a Title IX investigation and disciplinary process that can tarnish their reputation and career prospects. If you have a Title IX Lawyer Chicago representing you, it will increase the chances that your case will be handled fairly and in accordance to your due process rights.

In general, before deciding on how to proceed in a Title IX case, schools will conduct an initial investigation. The investigator will gather the evidence and interview all witnesses. It is important that you have an attorney-advisor with you during your initial interviews. This will ensure that any exculpatory evidence does not get mishandled or overlooked.

After the preliminary inquiry, a hearing is held. A hearing is an opportunity for the accused to provide their side of the story. Hearings often favor the complainant. They are conducted according to a preponderance standard, which is less strict than the criminal standard. A legal representative must be present to protect your rights, and to prepare an effective defense.

You can sue the institution if you believe that it has mishandled or abused your case. This is a more time-consuming and independent process, but you can recover compensation for your loss. In most cases, schools will take more seriously a case if a student makes a compelling argument in court.

If the school is found to have broken the law, they will also be required to change their policies and procedures, and could lose all or part of their federal funding. The alleged violater may be required to compensate the claimant.

It is important to have an experienced Title IX attorney by your side for all of these reasons. A legal advisor will be able guide you through the Title IX procedure, provide support during the investigative and judicial phase, and defend your interest at the disciplinary hearings or in court.

Our attorneys are trained in the Title IX movement and have received comprehensive sex abuse training. This allows us to provide an effective and well-rounded defense for our clientele.

Call us today to receive a free consultation. Our Long Island Title IX Lawyers are ready to fight for you. We will do everything we can to ensure that the school adheres to its legal obligations and respects you rights to due process. If the school violates your rights, we can pursue a civil lawsuit against them for you and hold them accountable.

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