Tote Mixing – Variable Speed Tote Mixing

Low and High Speed Tote Mixing offers a safe & simple solution to mixing liquids in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). IBC tote mixers provide portable quality assurance for storage and process applications.

Multiple manufacturers offer a wide variety of tote mixers to suit almost any application. These tote agitators can be used to mix almost any chemical, food, pharmaceutical, biotechnological or other liquids in IBC containers. Mixing can be done at different speeds, from low to high. The type, construction and size of mixers will depend on your product.

Air-operated tote agitators are a convenient, safe way to mix IBCs. These tote mixers are powered by compressed gas or air and can be used for many different applications. Many models allow the operator to control the mixer speed and power for the desired results. These tote-agitators are great for mixing paint, oil, thin fluids, and high viscosity products.

These tote agitators can be used to mix liquids in IBC containers with polyurethane foam insulation or LDPE plastic bags. They use an air-pulsing mixing method that creates large flat air bubbles in order to mix and stir the liquid inside the tote container. The non-mechanical tote mixing process is very efficient and does not shear the contents of the container or change their chemical composition.

Other IBC-tote agitators use mechanical power and are suitable for many applications. These tote mixters are powered by either a gear or direct drive motor. They are able to mix liquids within a variety of containers, including IBC tanks. The mechanical tote mixers can be fitted with a variety blade styles, depending on the type mixing required.

These IBC tote stirrers have collapsible rotors that fold and fit inside the 6 inch center cap of most IBCs. These collapsible agitators can mix the entire container, which is impossible with a standard mixer.

The stainless steel tote mixers are durable and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Stainless steel tote mixers are available in both manual and electric motor options. Some models feature an adjustable totebridge to ensure the correct placement of the agitator within the tote. Some models have a patented lid design that makes it easy to remove the tote.

These tote mixers are perfect for mixing products in various applications, including food, pharmacology and chemistry, R&D applications, clean rooms, and other industrial applications. Tote agitators of stainless steel are available with various shaft attachments. These can accommodate a variety nozzles as well as other equipment. These tote mixers can also be fitted explosion proof motors for the safe handling and storage of hazardous materials. White Mountain Process can help you determine the proper tote agitator construction, size and style for your specific needs.

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