Oliver Dog Training Center now includes distance learning dog training via Zoom with on-site in-person training

A family of dog training experts offering boarding and training services for all breeds

Oliver Dog Training, a renowned kennel and training center in Reno NV, is pleased to announce distance dog training via Zoom along with in-person local training for all breeds. The center is run by a family of experienced dog trainers and offers Dog boarding and training Services. Pet owners and handlers can leave their dogs here for as long as they need them. The center also offers unlimited free follow-up training for pets that are currently being housed or trained. This is not just any center, this is a center that prides itself on relationship based dog training. The trainers strive to bring the results and build a bond between the pet and the parent.

Oliver dog training

Three programs are currently offered here – get in and train, private lessons and virtual lessons. The feeding and training program is where the dog comes and stays at the center for initial training. During the stay, the dogs learn everything they need from behavioral to skill training. Dog breeds are different. However, not all dogs are the same. For this reason, their training is individually tailored to the nature, needs and expectations of pet parents. However, all dogs are provided with basic pet obedience and special pet training.

Private lessons are for dogs that already have some understanding of training and behavior. Private lessons include a package of 6-in-1 sessions offered on-site or at home. The virtual lessons are intended for people who do not live near Reno NV. These courses started earlier due to the pandemic and are still ongoing due to the immense response from pet owners and zookeepers. The dogs in the center are used for demonstration; People can observe important things like recognizing details, timing, body language, etc.

The virtual lessons are also available in a 6 lesson pack including unlimited correspondence between lessons via video calls, phone calls and messages. Just like people, dogs are different. Each animal differs from the other, in behavior, physical traits, or emotional traits. Therefore different dog training Methods are adjusted to suit each dog. The experienced animal trainers here believe that the dogs should be trained before their parents in order to achieve the highest success rate.

To learn more, visit https://www.oliverdogtraining.com/our-services

About Oliver dog training

Oliver Dog Training was founded in 2017 by Daniel and Madeline, a married couple who share the same passion for animals. Based in Northern NV, the center offers boarding, training and dog sitting services. They have worked with all types of dog breeds and species and keep up to date with the modern techniques to help the dogs and their handlers bond better.



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