Lorton Group expands fabric availability and collection

The Lorton Group announces a number of new additions to its existing cubicle and shower curtain fabric collections. Customers can choose a wide range of fabric and vinyl curtains for their installation needs.

Lorton Group, one of the leading Manufacturer of hospital and shower curtains, has unveiled its expanded curtain fabric collection. The company has announced that customers can now choose from a variety of fabric materials and designs to find the perfect curtains to suit their hospital or other facility needs.

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The company has two separate textile lines for cabin and shower curtains. The cabin curtain textile is available as Designer cabin curtain fabric and tone-on-tone table curtain fabric. All curtain fabrics available for cabin privacy purposes meet NFPA 701 flame spread requirements. The curtains have an antimicrobial finish to prevent the spread of bacteria, mold and fungi. The fabrics are sourced from reputable fabric manufacturers in the United States.

The designer cabin curtains are available in 72 inches and are made of 100% FR polyester. The fabric design features cool earth tones in natural-looking shades of green, brown, blue and off-white. The design of the curtains is restrained and homogeneous, allowing it to blend into the hospital environment.

The tone-on-tone cabin curtains are also available in a 72″ size and are made of 100% FR polyester. The fabric designs include a wide range of solid color fabrics with a lighter self-printing of squares incorporated into the curtain fabric. The curtains are an ideal complement for subdued rooms such as intensive care units. However, the impressive color palette also includes brighter tones for children’s wards, with deeper shades of brown and cinnamon for a more stylized and personalized doctor’s office.

That Textiles for shower curtains are also available in two different styles: fabric shower curtains and vinyl shower curtains. Each curtain style has identical dimensions, making it easy to switch between curtains. The curtains are also certified to NFPA 701 for vertical flammability and have an antimicrobial finish.

All fabric shower curtains are a standard 72 inch size and are made of 100% FR polyester. The fabric design features a self-printed mesh in muted earthy, white and silverfish white colors.

Vinyl shower curtains are also available in many colors to complement the surroundings. Colors range from preppy blues and pinks to more elegant greens, browns and whites. All vinyl shower curtains manufactured by Lorton Group are flame retardant, stain resistant, anti-static and odor resistant. The curtains are the most durable and economical among the other options currently on the market.

According to a Lorton Group official, the company follows strict procedures and standards to ensure the quality of the curtain fabric and stitching, as well as all other components needed to create the final product. He further stated that: “The Lorton Group strives to provide the best solutions to the needs of all types of hospitals. We use high quality materials to create durable and strong curtains while providing the best care, comfort and protection. The company offers heavy duty curtain tracks and partition room accessories to ensure only the best results.”

To view the full range of fabric designs and find out more about product availability, please visit the Lorton Group official website at https://lortongroup.com/.

About the Lorton Group

The Lorton Group was founded in 2010. The company specializes in the manufacture and sale of textile products such as traditional hospital cubicle curtains, shower curtains, as well as curtain systems for patient lifting and non-ceiling mounted curtain systems for cubicles. The brand also provides services and merchandise for public and private hospitals, military-operated facilities, VA hospitals, nursing homes, college campuses, and medical offices, as well as other contractors and distributors.

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