Custom Materials, Inc provides insight into Spall Liners

Helps people make the right decisions when choosing the best options for their needs

Custom Materials, Inc, the leading name in custom manufacturing, has shared insights into Spall Liners to help them make the best choice for their specific needs.

Since its inception, Custom Materials, Inc has provided value-added engineering services to assist customers with design and production and custom fabrications best suited to their specific needs. His extensive industry experience and versatility have enabled him to meet the needs of large corporations, offering them personalized services and solutions when required.

Custom Materials, Inc has also made an effort to provide you with important information at every step. That now applies to those who may have wondered, What are spall liners? The company has presented a valuable guide that takes readers through their basics, why they are so important, and their applications, helping them make wise choices between the materials used in their manufacture and more.

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When high-energy fragments of armor break off, they can fly all over the place, known as the spalling effect. Spall liners are used to protect military vehicles from this effect. They are fitted inside and outside vehicles and heavy liners can be used to ensure military vehicles are protected from impact with shrapnel etc. The guide talks about different types of liners used on military vehicles.

Fragmentation screens, which absorb the fragments and shock waves they produce, can be lifesavers. Anti-splinter mats are known for the protective layer they provide against chipping metal splinters or rocks. They are on the bottom of the tanks. Fragmentation curtains have energy absorbing materials to protect against mechanical stress and shock waves after explosions. They consist of steel tubes with internal protective fibers.

Once people know the different types of spall liners, they can understand their different applications. The guide presented by Custom Materials, Inc. explains the types of chipping and the causes of primary and secondary chipping. Readers can also learn about reasons that can lead to spalling, including mechanical weathering, projectile impact, maximum shear stress, and rapid expansion.

When the importance of shatter protection is clear, it is important to make the right decisions when choosing shatterproof films. One way to do this is to consider the materials used. Custom Materials, Inc shines a light on materials like Kevlar® that can withstand blasts and protect the vehicle from fragmentation effects. Various specific advantages of the material are then discussed and why it compares so well to other options such as steel.

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