A Checklist For Motorcycle Repairs

Motorcycles contain many moving parts and are therefore prone to breakdowns. Even though some problems are unavoidable, a routine maintenance and inspection program is the best option to keep your motorcycle in top condition. Even if you have never worked on a motorcycle, following a checklist can help you feel confident in your abilities and save you money on repairs.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the bike’s layout. Start by reading the owner’s handbook, which contains vital information about the location of parts and their maintenance requirements. The owner’s manual also contains information on the types and quantities of fluids as well as recommended intervals for draining and replacing them. You should also have a collection of tools to work with. These should include the following:

A light for inspection is essential. It will help you to easily spot components that may be hidden, like oil drain plugs and those found under the fuel tank or body panels. An inspection mirror can also be useful. Nitrile is also a smart investment, since they protect against grazed hands and dirt. You may want to consider buying a small box for dirty bike components. It is also a good idea to have a supply of chain lube, brake cleaner, degreaser, and penetrating oil such as 3in1, WD40, hand cleanser, and bike cleaner on hand.

Regularly check your motorbike’s engine oil. It is vital to the smooth operation of your bike. Put the bike onto its centre stand, or paddock stands, and place it in neutral. You can now inspect the chain for signs like grease or wear. Alternatively, you can also spray the chain with degreaser and spin the rear wheel slowly, which should coat the entire chain with the solvent. This will loosen grime from the chain and make it easier to clean.

Other important areas to check on are the spark plugs, air filter (or fuel filter if you have one), and battery. The spark plugs should be replaced after 8,000 miles and the air filter after 25,000 miles.

Our Motorbike Service Centre has professional technician how can perform these tasks more efficiently than you can, particularly when the job is complex or requires special tools. He/she is able to drain oil, remove and replace the batteries, drain coolant, and install and remove other parts. A professional has the experience and knowledge to diagnose engine problems. They may also use computer programs for analysis of the performance of your bike. This information can be used to recommend future services. Some of these services will be interim, such as an inspection of bulbs, clutch play, and bearings, along with an oil change and a quick check of the coolant and brake or clutch fluid. Some services are more extensive, such a complete engine teardown.

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